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Friday, March 23, 2018


Whenever I have a little city break planned, I always head to twitter and ask whether anyone has any recommendations of places to eat, drink, visit etc, I love listening to other bloggers recommendations especially as they always most probably instagrammable! Always gotta get a photo for the gram! Anyway, after asking on Twitter, the one place that kept cropping up was Brunch & Cake, even before looking at the menu I was sold, brunch and cake, my two favourite things in life!

After some chill time at the beach we decided to wander back into the centre hoping to grab some food somewhere.  I then saw a queue outside a cafe and lo and behold it was Brunch & Cake! There was only a short queue so we joined it and I could see the food being served to customers and I was sold! After a short wait we managed to nab a seat inside near the door.  The cafe itself was such a dream, very busy but oh so instagrammable!

I had a burger filled with egg, sweet potato and spinach (amongst other things) along with an iced vanilla latte and my mum had an egg bagel, normally I don't sit and take photos of my food but I just couldn't stop as it all looked SO GOOD! And believe me it tasted good as well! I finished it and could have quite easily eaten it all over again it was THAT GOOD!

There are a fair few Brunch and Cakes dotted around the city and I would highly highly recommend taking a little trip there as it's super yummy and looks ah-mazing on ya insta feed - don't lie we all know that thats important!

Have you ever been to Brunch & Cake?

Love Tasha x


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