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Sunday, February 26, 2017

OOTD: Chill Out

Hoodie: Shein* // Trackpants: Ivy Park @ Topshop

Good morning guys! Sundays are all about chilling out and relaxing before starting another working week.  I work weekends as well so having some chill out time for myself is extremely important otherwise I'd just be on it 24/7 which is never ever good. 

I'm the kind of person that as soon as I get up or as soon as I get home from work, I put on 'my comfies' AKA my track pants and a hoodie.  Anything that is comfortable, warm and that I can curl up on the sofa in to binge watch Netflix in.  Recently I've been grabbing my Ivy Park track pants and Shein* hoodie and oh my is it comfortable! I sized up in the track pants so they were baggier for a more comfortable fit and the hoodie is just perfect to throw on with them.

My chill out time mainly consists of scrolling through social media (sad I know), instagram (I''m at @hellotashablog) is my favourite, I love getting lost in inspiring photos and can spend literally hours on there.  Netflix and Youtube are my ultimate faves though,  for me that is my ultimate chill out time, it's another form of media that I can just get lost in.  Some people listen to music, some people read but I watch films and videos, it really does relax me.  

 So what am I watching on Netflix and Youtube at the moment?

Riverdale: OH MY! This is amazing! I was obsessed with the Archie Comics when I was younger so was made up when I found out they were turning it into a series I was more than excited.  It's quite a dark series so far but as each episode is dropped you just get more invested in the characters and the storyline deepens.  Well worth a watch!

Sarah's Day: Sarah is one of my favourite you tubers and has been for a while now.  For one, she is Australian so her accent is just dreamy but her channel is completely vlogs following her health and fitness journey so I love watching and finding new exercises I can incorporate into my own workouts.

Lily Melrose: I've always loved Lily's blog and channel and I love that she's now started vlogging again, I always look forward to them!

What do you do to chill out?

Love, Tasha x


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