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Monday, January 30, 2017

A Weekend Outing

 This weekend was one of the first times in a couple of weeks that I actually had a little time to myself.  I was able to have my first proper lie in in weeks then we headed out for breakfast.  There is a cute little cafe at the end of my road that I really don't visit enough so off I went for some avocado and poached egg on toast which was absolutely delicious! They also have the most amazing drinks, at Christmas there was the Grinch Hot Chocolate which was actually green and on at the moment is the Unicorn Hot Chocolate.  Basically a hot chocolate jam packed with sweets, candy floss goodness.  Now I'm going to be honest, the drink wasn't actually mine, it was actually my sisters but I couldn't not take a couple of photos to show you guys.  I posted it on instagram and twitter (@hellotashablog on both) and you guys went completely mental for it asking what it was and where you could get it etc.  This weekend was also the first outing for my new Coach Dinky Bag* which landed on my doorstep earlier this week which I was beyond ecstatic about.  I couldn't even believe it and was sat there staring at it all night.  There will be a more in depth post coming soon on it and plenty of outfit posts including it but for now if you want to see more then head over to my instagram page (@hellotashablog) as the photos will always be shared there first.  The rest of my weekend was spent in work and in the gym.  I love that the gym has become a part of my daily routine again, I've ben going consistently since the beginning of the year and have already started seeing and more importantly feeling a difference.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, what did you get up to?

Love, Tasha x


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