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Monday, November 28, 2016

What I've Been Watching Recently

Netflix is my ultimate favourite at the moment especially now that it is getting colder, all I want to do is curl up in bed and binge watch series so here is what I've been watching recently.

Gilmore Girls: I have been told to watch this a gizzilion times on twitter and I'm so glad that I started it.  It's so perfect for when I need to chill out as it's such an easy watch.  I can have it on in the background when I'm blogging or when I just want something light hearted to watch.  I've been binge watching it recently and not going to lie, I'm getting through it pretty quickly.  I was hoping to finish it before the new season started but I didn't realise how many seasons there were!

Once Upon A Time: I have been watching this for a little while now and I'm just about all caught up on the latest series, it's so good! If you're into your fairytales and Disney princesses then this one is for you.  Everytime I watch it I am completely amazed at what happens, it is the least predictable series I've ever watched and just when you think that they have introduced all the Disney characters you can think of they throw in even more!

How To Get Away With Murder: Finally season 2 has come on to Netflix! I enjoyed Season 1 so much  and binge watched it in a couple of days.  It's such an easy watch but has so many twists and turns in it so you never know where it's headed.  Very well written and Viola Davis is amazing as the central character!

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Now normally I am not a fan of this show, no idea why but I don't tend to watch it.  However this year I watched it from the beginning and am so far really enjoying it! I think there is such a great group of people in there and they are all getting on so well so hence why I'm enjoying it! Think Scarlett or Adam will win!

What have you been watching recently?

Love, Tasha x


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