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Friday, November 25, 2016

Currently #3

Watching: Gilmore Girls! I've been told to watch this so much recently and I finally decided to start it, and so far so good! I love how easy it is to watch, I can just pop it on when I need to relax or abit of a giggle and I've found myself binge watching it so much recently.  I know it isn't gonna take me long before I finish it and hopefully just in time for the new series too.

Excited for: So many exciting things! Surprisingly I'm pretty excited for Christmas which is not normal for me.  I'm not a Scrooge but I defo don't get as excited as some people.  I've already started singing Christmas songs (much to my bosses dismay) and I can't wait to wear my Christmas jumper!

Wearing: I wrote a whole post on the items I can't stop wearing and at the moment these are no different, I think I need to go shopping and pick up a few new pieces as these are all that I am wearing at the moment and people keep seeing me in the same bits and bobs!

Drinking: Gingerbread Lattes.  I'm so happy that the Christmas cups are all out now, I can't decide which is my favourite though!

Dreaming: Summer weather.  I know I know I just said I was excited for Christmas but I really dislike all things cold and wintery.  I love nothing more than Summer and warmth on my skin, bring on Summer holidays!

Exercising: I've recently started to teach another exercise class during the week which I love! The class is so much fun, such high energy and I really know I'm working out.  Besides my exercise classes I recently re-joined my local gym so I've been heading there after work a couple of nights a week and I feel so much better about myself!

What have you been currently...?

Love, Tasha x


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