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Monday, September 26, 2016

3 Little Life Changes I've Made

1. Drink More Water: I've never ever been a fan of water, for me it was always too bland and nondescript.  I always chose orange squash over water and would never ever drink a glass of water by itself.  I knew the benefits of drinking water but my dislike of the taste of it really put me off.  It wasn't until I was in Australia in the middle of the desert where I had to carry 1.5L water bottle with me at all times that I grew to like water as I just had to drink it.  Nowadays I can't get enough of water, I drink a couple of litres a day and I always have a bottle or glass of it next to me at all times.  Since upping my water intake I have seen such a difference in the condition of my skin, my skin is so much clearer and smoother now and I can 100% tell when I haven't been drinking enough as it really shows in my skin.  Not only has my skin improved but I can also tell the difference in my stomach.  If you didn't know already, drinking water helps to flatten your stomach.  I didn't realise this at the time but since drinking more water consistently I have seen such a difference!

2. Workout More: This kind of goes hand in hand with the drinking more water.  I have always been quite an active person, having always played sports when growing up both competitively and for pleasure.  I've never been a lover of the gym, I tend to get a little bored of it so when I was living at home I attended Bootcamp sessions and absolutely loved them! But then I moved out and wasn't able to go anymore so I was back to joining a gym.  But since doing bootcamp I now know what exercises I need to be doing to keep myself fit and toned so I don't mind going to the gym anymore as I know exactly what I am doing.  I try to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I mix up my routine so I am not always working the same muscles.  I'll do abs one day then the next I'll focus on legs - I do stick to abs more so as that is the area that I myself want to work on.  By working out more I have found myself with so much more energy which is great, I lead quite a busy lifestyle so need as much energy as I can get to be honest.

3. Have A Good Night Sleep: I love my bed.  Always have done and always will do.  I am so much more of an early bird than a night bird so love having an early night in bed but over the past couple of months I have really struggled to get a good night sleep.  I have been in bed all ready to sleep but then had hours and hours of interrupted sleep which results in really bad case of restless legs.  To help with this I've been trying to wind down for bed a little earlier than I was previously doing.  I'm extremely bad for watching just one more episode on Netflix or reading one more blog post so I've been trying to turn off my laptop early evening and then putting my phone onto Do Not Disturb mode  at about 10:30 to ensure that I'm not looking at it and just having another scroll through instagram.  Sometimes I'm still waking up but most the time I am sleeping soundly through which I am very grateful for.

Have you made any little life changes recently?


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