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Monday, August 15, 2016

It's A New Week

Well it's a new week and to be honest I'm pretty happy about that.  Mondays aren't everyones favourite but personally I don't mind them.  My day at work always goes by quickly and I feel like it's a new start and after the previous week I need that.  I feel like last week just dragged beyond belief and some reason was particularly draining on me.  I don't know what it was, I taught one Glowfit class and only made one gym session which even then I had to drag myself to and to be honest I ate a hell of a lot of chocolate.

But I haven't beaten myself up over it.  I know we all have those days or weeks where we aren't quite feeling ourselves and as long we get that into our head and not dwell on it then it will be fine.  I knew that what I needed was a good rest so I didn't force myself to go to the gym anymore as I knew I wouldn't enjoy it and get a decent workout in and that all I needed was a good sleep so I turned off my laptop and headed to bed early.  And that really was the best decision for me.

My weekend was pretty full on too, they always are to be honest.  After last week, I wasn't sure a busy weekend was what I needed but it seems that keeping myself occupied was exactly what I needed.  My little bout of whatever it was seems to have lifted, maybe it was because Soph and I spent yesterday afternoon shooting lots of new content or cos I met Rebecca for a couple of cocktails (2 for 1 did not go to waste!) and I have some revived energy of sorts.

I dunno, but I am very excited to start a new week and what an exciting week it's shaping up to be.  I have a plan to go to a new gym class tonight, I've got another Glowfit class to teach tomorrow and then V Festival at the weekend where I am too excited see Biebs! And after that, I'm off to Paris for a couple of days! EEK! I've never been before but have been desperate to visit for years now and I actually can't believe it's come round so quickly now! So I really need to get out of my funk cos I have an awful lot to look forward to.

Just a quick note on the outfit, it's another holiday outfit from Santorini and a pretty casual one.  I'm still obsessed with this H&M top and I can't believe I managed to grab it for £7.99! Such a bargain and I'm just obsessed with the colour.  I talked about my love for the bandana in my post 5 Accessories To Jazz Up An Outfit and that's exactly what it does for this look.  Take the hat, bandana and sunglasses away and it's just another standard top and shorts look but add them and it completely changes the whole look.

Hope you all have a fabulous week and enjoy your Monday!


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