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Friday, August 19, 2016

Am I Bored of Blogging?

I've been thinking about writing this post for a little while now, you might have noticed that posts on here have slowed slightly.  A year or so ago I was posting consistently 3/4 times a week and was always scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance and now it seems to have dwindled slightly.  It's not like I don't have the content to post, I take regular photos of my outfits to share with you and I still have so much from my holiday to Santorini that I want to post but I just can't bring myself to write the posts.  Not because I have lost any motivation at all, I'm raring to go with it all, I read blogs all the time and I am constantly thinking of posts for myself but at the moment I just feel like I'm a little bit bored of blogging.

There I said it.

I'm bored with blogging.

I spend all this time taking my photos, editing them, writing the posts to set them live and I get so excited to create all this content but then once the post it up, it's all done. That's it. And then the cycle repeats itself all over again.  Now I know that is the whole point of blogging but at the moment I just feel like I'm missing something.

I don't know whether it's because I need to push myself more with my blog, maybe thats the reason.  My blog is mainly fashion related with the outfits that I wear and I love sharing them, I really do as I love personal style and they are also my favourite style of posts to read as well.  But again I feel like I need to push myself to do something different with them.  I look up to so many different bloggers and see what content they are creating and it's all so different and out there whereas mine is just the same as everyone else.  Now I am not complaining one little bit, I love my little blog and I am so proud of how far it has come and what I have created and also super proud of the brands I have worked with.

But I still feel bored with it.

Maybe it's because I'm more into creating content on my instagram (@hellotashablog) at the moment.  I love nothing more than sitting there and planning out my instagram feed (yes I'm that person) and I get more engagement on that platform as well so I think thats why I'm putting more effort in too.  Instagram is just so easy to scroll through as it's so visual and I can just like and comment away without really thinking about it.  As I mentioned before I get more engagement on my instagram account and despite having more followers on there than on my actual blog I used to think of my blog as my main platform of social media which I know and realise now that it most definitely isn't.  After realising that I started to put more and more effort into my instagram and have been so far really really enjoying it.

So where does that leave my blog?

Well I'm not sure to be honest.  I'm still going to be posting my content on here as I do enjoy it and love creating a space that is mine but it may just be slightly more lax that it was previously.  At the moment I don't have a schedule and will post as and when I feel like it or when inspiration strikes.  I'm going to try and take a step back and better my content so I can create something that I am even more proud of.

Do you get bored with blogging? What are your thoughts on this?


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