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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pushing Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Hi guys! This may be a little bit of a brain dump as it doesn't have much real purpose but I just wanted to get my thoughts down on paper (lol online).

I am literally so happy right now.  I feel like I'm walking on Cloud 9.  Why you ask? Well I just taught my first Glowfit class and omg I feel fantastic! Like I really can't describe how good I feel right now, theres a slight mixture of 'omg what did I just do' and 'how did I even do that' going on but other than that I feel pretty fabulous.

But do you know what I feel more than anything?

I feel proud.

Really bloody proud of myself.  What I just did was a pretty awesome thing and so I should be feeling proud of myself!

Don't get me wrong, teaching an exercise class to 50+ people is hella scary like really really scary but it was also extremely exhilarating.  I really enjoy my Glowfit classes, it's the perfect mixture of hi-impact cardio and dance.  At times it's exhausting and it's hard work but it is equally as fun at the same time.

I've been attending my Glowfit class since it first started over two years ago so I know all the moves and know most of the tracks as we still do some of the original ones that we started with and I've been assisting Ellen (my instructor) on stage for the past year now.  I am aware my confidence on stage has grown massively since I started, I've gone from being incredibly quiet on stage to whopping and blowing my whistle incessantly to get the crowd going.  Not only has my technique of the moves improved but also my fitness levels have as well.  I've looked at photos from the past couple of months and the change in my body is incredible, I have completely toned up and my waist has gone so much smaller and I fully thank Glowfit for that as I spend the whole hour working incredibly hard and come out literally dripping in sweat.

I had a weeks notice that I would be taking the class and I'm gonna admit, I worked my butt off to make sure I knew that routine inside out.  Every night when I came home from work I went over and over my Glowfit track list.  I needed to know exactly what move was coming up next at what point of the song and I needed to be fully confident with it.

This was such an amazing opportunity that my instructor had given me so not only did I not want to let myself down by making a fool of myself if I got it hideously wrong but I definitely did not want to let her down, she has built this business up (she also has a whole Bootcamp section) from scratch so I couldn't make her business look stupid.

And I don't think I did.  As I said I made sure I knew that routine inside out and yes I made a couple little mistakes during the track but I made sure that I kept going and didn't stop so therefore no one knew I had made a little tiny mistake.  I can't actually believe how well it went and how confident I was whilst taking the class.

I never in a million trillion years thought that I would have the confidence to stand up in front of a crowd and deliver an exercise class.  Never.  But I did.  And I bloody loved it.  And I didn't just do it once either, I taught two more sessions the very next day and they went just as well.  The feedback I received from all my classes was so incredible! Everyone was so lovely and that also boosted my confidence as I knew that they had enjoyed it as much as I had.

I am so incredibly proud that I pushed myself out of the comfort zone to do something that I never thought I would ever do.  I haven't stopped thinking about it all week and I literally can't stop smiling.  And it just goes to show that a little bit of hard work goes a long way.

I apologise for the slight ramble but if you are to take anything away from this post, please let it be that you can do anything you set your mind too.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone and you will be rewarded.

Have you ever pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and done something that has made you feel proud?


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