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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello Weekend

Hi guys! This week has been crazy busy - I feel like I might say that every week but this week in particular has been manic.  It's been full on Glowfit class after Glowfit class.  If you read this post, I talked about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and starting to take my own Glowfit class, well this week I taught the entire class from start to finish and OMG it was amazing.  I was incredibly scared throughout the whole day but as soon as I got to the class I just got on with it, pretty much because I had to.  The class actually went really well, there were a couple of mistakes but I kept going and everyone seemed to enjoy it which is the main thing.

I also took part in a charity Glowathon event which was incredible! It was for 2 hours and the atmosphere was just insane! Everyone was so excited and happy to be there and the best thing is that we raised £1000 for charity! I had so much fun and didn't stop smiling for the whole event!

Yesterday I headed to Ladies Day at Uttoxeter Racecourse with my mum and we had such a lovely day! My sister actually works at the racecourse so she was working the event but we still managed to catch up with her! I have a full post going up with what I wore etc and what happened on the day so keep an eye out for that.

This whole week has tired me out, I'm exhausted and I'm so glad for a day off work tomorrow to just chill out, read some blogs and watch some youtube.

How has this week been for you guys? What are you up to this weekend?


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