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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hello Weekend

Hi guys! I thought it was about time I brought back some sort of weekly feature on here.  I go through phases of writing these but I do really enjoy writing them and I personally really enjoy reading them too.  Some weeks they might may be short and sweet other weeks they may be slightly longer, we shall just see what happens.

This week has been pretty full on, I've been learning my routines for my Glowfit class as I actually taught half of the class this week, more on this in a later post but I cannot even explain how amazing it was and how proud of myself I am.  

After teaching the classes this week, I was in agony! You know that pain that you get after working out, it's painful but it's a good pain cos you know you've worked hard? Yeah I had that, I could just about walk it was that bad! I'm not complaining though!

Lately I have been obsessed, literally obsessed with Prison Break! I can't believe I hadn't watched it before but now I am all up to date and can't wait to watch Season 6! But now I've finished it, I need a new tv series to watch, anyone got any recommendations for me?

I've been really into instagram lately, I've really been enjoying creating content and uploading every day even though I need to take some more stock photos for it.  Yep thats what I'm doing this weekend!  Give me a little follow if you don't already guys! 

Also recently one of my best gal pals Zoe has started a blog!  She's just starting out but so far it's amazing so if you're after a new read, go ahead and check out her blog:

This weekend I'm planning on heading out for some breakfast with Soph, learning some more Glowfit tracks and just chilling out!  What are you guys all up to?  Let me know down below and I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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