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Friday, July 01, 2016

Current Obsession: NYX Cosmetics

There has been abit of a hype recently with NYX Cosmetics and I myself have been caught up in it.  A little while ago you were only able to buy it in London but now there are stands popping up in Boots everywhere including one in Liverpool which I was super duper excited about.  I was incredibly surprised as to how big the stand was and how many products were available so naturally I did a little shopping, lets see what I picked up!

First up, I decided I needed a tinted moisturiser for my holiday, foundation is too heavy on my skin in hot countries and as I don't need too much coverage I opted for a tinted moisturiser to just give me a bit of colour.  This one is really great, it's super creamy, really hydrating and light weight on the skin. It was perfect for when I was away and even now after coming home a couple of weeks later I am still using this product.  After not using foundation for a couple of weeks my skin has never looked better, it is so smooth and so clear so I'm happy to just pop this on my face on a daily basis.

I've been after a liquid highlight for a while now and was tempted to buy the Nars one but this one is a mere fraction of the price.  There was a couple of shades available and after much deliberation I decided on the shade 'Sunbeam', it's such a gorgeous glowy pink shade.  I've been wearing it mixed in with my tinted moisturiser to give a luminous healthy glow but then also using it on my cheekbones to give an extra highlight.

I'm obsessed with lipsticks, I love em' and especially NYX lipsticks. I own a couple of the matte lip creams and really really love them but I've wanted to try a couple of the others.  At my local stand I was completely spoilt for choice, there were so many lip products to choose from but I went with the NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick in Baby Doll.  I own a lot of lip products but I didn't own a true nude.  This is an absolute gorgeous colour and is so matte that stays on your lips all day, I have literally been wearing it none stop.

Have you tried anything from NYX cosmetics? Any recommendations of what I need to pick up?


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