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Sunday, July 10, 2016

6 Happy Things

Well hello guys! I feel like it's been a long time since I have sat here and just chatted with you.  Life has been pretty full on recently, I am manic busy all week which I don't really mind, I like being busy, I don't get bored that way but I do feel like I've been neglecting you guys recently.  So I thought we'd have a little bit of a catch up today and talk about 6 things that have made me happy recently.

1. Getting featured by New Look on their social media - This was pretty awesome if I say so myself.  I shared this photo on my instagram when I was on holiday in Santorini as I wore a New Look dress in Oia and a couple of weeks later, New Look themselves shared it on their social media channels.  I was so made up that a big brand like New Look had recognised one of my photos and liked it enough to share it.

2. Having High Definition brows done at Benito Brow Bar - When an email popped into my inbox inviting me to try out High Definition brows at my local Benito Brow Bar I was more than excited.  My brows have always been fine and I have my own little routine but it's always nice to go get them sorted by someone.  The whole experience was lovely and I came out with fabulous brows and a few little products that have made my whole brow routine so much easier.  Read my full post here.

3. Leading tracks at Glowfit - I attend my local Glowfit class (hi-impact cardio class in the dark to dance music and glow sticks) a couple of times a week where I actually assist the instructor on stage but recently I have been leading a couple of tracks a night and I'm working my way up to teaching my own class.  Incredibly exciting but also equally scary! I was so nervous the first time I led a song but my confidence has been growing every single week and I'm actually really really enjoying it! As I said I'm working my way up to taking my own class (next week I think!) so I'm busy trying to learn all the tracks inside out so I am 100% confident when leading the class! Wish me luck!

4. Getting my hair transformed at Sassoon Salons - I was MADE UP when I had the chance to pop down to my local Sassoon salon and receive a complimentary hair cut/treatment/colour.  My last hair cut was a couple of months ago so it was ready for a little top up.  I pretty much left my hair in the very capable hands of the stylists where they lightened throughout including more around the root area to just brighten it all up.  Cut wise I wanted to keep my length so I had the bare minimum chopped off but more layers were added at the back to give it a little more volume and thickness.  I am so made up with my new hair, it looks so sun kissed and natural, I couldn't be happier! The whole experience at Sassoon was amazing, they really looked after me and my hair has never felt so good!

5. Instagram - At the moment, instagram is my favourite platform, I am really really enjoying creating and sharing content.  I'm trying to post 2-3 times a day and I can really see my likes, followers and general engagement go up! Everyone is kicking off about the new 'algorithm' but for me, I'm actually doing alright and my engagement is going up! You can make my day and follow me on instagram here.

6. Binge Watching Prison Break - Oh my gosh, I cannot even begin to describe how obsessed I have been with Prison Break recently! It is SO AMAZING! I've binge watched through all 4 seasons on Netflix in a matter of weeks and I cannot even believe the ending! I know there is a Season 5 but I jus don't understand how there can be! Now I've finished it, I need a new TV series to binge, anyone have any recommendations for me?

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Let me know whats made you happy recently!


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