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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

TRAVEL: Santorini Sunset Cruise Photo Diary

When visiting Santorini, a must see is watching the sunset.  You've seen all the gorgeous photos on instagram but I really wanted to see it for myself.  Now Oia is supposedly the best place to watch the sunset from but as you can imagine, it gets extremely busy so its advised to book your table at a restaurant and sit and wait just so you have a good view without all the selfie sticks getting in the way.  But as we weren't staying in Oia, trying to leave and get back to our hotel on the other side of the island would have proved a slight struggle as there are only so many buses that run and believe it or not only 28 taxis on the entire island.  We were desperate to see the sunset but didn't want to get stuck on the complete opposite side of the island.  So we looked into different options and the one we decided on was a sunset cruise.

Now you say cruise, and you think some kind of big boat or a yacht type of boat but were we on one of them? Oh no, we were on a pirate ship! Well not actually a pirate ship (wouldn't that be cool though?) but a wooden rickety old ship, not what I thought I would be cruising around the island of Santorini in.  

We sailed from the port of Athinios and travelled into the Caldera and North towards the capital city of Fira.  Once on the water it didn't take long before we were met with the most beautiful views of the rugged coastline of Santorini, the layers of the rock were so defined,  it really was incredible to see.  Up high on the rocks we started to see the start of the cities and again what a sight.  I knew the cities were all built on top of the cliffs but I never expected them to be so high.  And as all the buildings are so white they stood out spectacularly against the blue of the sky. 

I don't think I can put into words how amazing the view from the boat was, I felt so content sitting there with my legs hanging over the side watching the world go by.  We sailed up towards Oia and this was the bit I was most excited for, we had yet to visit Oia yet and I was so unbelievably excited to see the city for myself! And ya know what? It really was as beautiful as you see in instagram photos. After I had taken my photos I literally just sat there and stared trying to take it all in.  

After sailing up the coast and taking all the photos, it was time for a spot of dinner! I originally thought that we would be having dinner on board the boat (this is back when I thought it would be actual boat) but we were taken to the little island of Thirassia.  The island (or what we saw of it) was what I can only describe as typically Greek.  There were a few restaurants lined up along the port and little boats floating in the harbour and not much else.  It was so isolated but so beautiful at the same time.  

We were shown through to a restaurant with the most amazing views of the Caldera on our own individual tables and were spoilt with an abundance of home cooked Greek food.  Most of the time we didn't know what it was that we were eating but it was absolutely gorgeous.  

After dinner, we boarded back on to our pirate ship and sailed off around some of the other tiny islands surrounding Santorini until we settled on our location to watch the sunset.

The sun had only just started to set and everyone was going camera crazy (myself included) to try and get the best shot.  Sunsets go by so quickly so you really don't want to miss any of it.  But as earlier when I sat and just watched us sail past Oia, I decided to sit back and just observed the gorgeous ever changing colours in the sky.  It started off a beautiful orange before turning a fiery red and finally a purple, it was actually incredible and the way it reflected back off the water was so beautiful!

I absolutely loved this trip and would highly recommend a sunset cruise if you are staying in Santorini as you beat the busy crowds in Oia and Fira as well as having the opportunity to sail around the gorgeous coastline of the island.

Have you visited Santorini? Have you been on a sunset cruise? Wheres the best sunset that you have seen?



  1. Oh my god this looks beyond dreamy! I've only ever been on day boat trips on holiday but a sunset cruise sounds so relaxing and idyllic. Beautiful photos too! <3

  2. This looks amazing, I particularly like the (pirate) boat! I've not been to Santorini but it's on my bucket list x


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