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Friday, June 24, 2016

Postcards from Perissa, Santorini

When staying in Santorini, we chose to stay in Perissa (ok we mainly chose it for the instagrammable hotel) which is on the South East coast of the island.  Think beautiful black beaches, lots of restaurants lining the front and the whitest buildings with colourful flowers.  It really was beautiful.  Not only beautiful but it was completely chilled out.  There was such a relaxing vibe throughout the area and you couldn't help but feel at ease there.

The beaches are scattered with little sun parasols where you can sit for free in front of the restaurants in exchange for purchasing food or drink there.  We chose to stay around our pool area as they had the most amazing sun loungers and the pool was right there but I loved going for a little wander down the beach.  There are wooden walkways leading down to the sea as the black sand absorbs the heat of the sun so it gets incredibly hot, walking with flip flops was just about bearable!

There were so many restaurants along the front for us to chose from but one of my favourites was a cute little cafe where we ate waffles at breakfast, they were so yummy and the views were incredible looking out over the ocean.  Another favourite was an ultra hippy colourful cafe that just didn't seem to fit in with the whole white vibe of Greece but it was literally the most chilled out place ever.  The waiters were walking around with no shoes on and the whole menu was full of salads, wraps and smoothies, it reminded me of Australia and I loved sitting there and relaxing. 

For me, Perissa was the perfect place to stay whilst in Santorini as it was so beautiful but incredibly chilled out and thats exactly what you want when you're on holiday.

Have you ever visited Perissa or Santorini at all? I hope you enjoy these photos!


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