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Monday, June 20, 2016

High Definition Brows @ Benito Brow Bar

Up until a couple of years ago brows never used to be part of my daily routine, I just used to leave them as they were and got on with it.  Then I became a blogger and suddenly brows were the in thing that you had to maintain and have 'brows on fleek' (anyone actually know what that means? No, me neither!).

Recently I've been loving using my NYX Tinted Brow Mascara to give them a little colour and a tidy up which is great, it's low maintenance and I just run it through my brows and I'm good to go.  I don't have any treatments such as threading or anything done on my eyebrows,  I just pluck them every now and then.

But when an email landed in my email box from Benito Brow Bar asking if I wanted to come along to an event they were having to celebrate their collaboration with High Definition I jumped at the chance!

I was treated to the full High Definition experience which included threading, waxing, eyebrow shaping and a tint.  I was very spoilt! Having never had threading done before, I was rather intrigued by it and to see if it would actually hurt or not and it really didn't, it was more of an enjoyable pain if anything.

The ladies at the Benito Brow Bar really tailored my brows to my face shape, the colour of my hair and the natural shape of my brows, all the ensure that my new brows would look as natural as possible.

The whole experience lasted around 45 minutes and my brows have literally been transformed! They now look so much more defined, have more shape to them (and actually match may I add) and the colour is perfect for my darker hair!

I was kindly gifted some products by High Definition which included the Brow Define Pencil* and the Brow Colourfix* and they compliment my newly tinted brows perfectly.  The pencil is incredibly easy to use to add some natural looking hairs onto the brow and add some extra thickness and the colourfix just sets the entire brow.

My brows are now so much easier to maintain and I really have to do minimum amount of work to them now which is brilliant as it cuts down my getting ready time by a good 10 minutes!  Benito Brow Bar have a range of treatments available and I can't wait to test out some more of them, I'm thinking eyelash extensions next!

Have you had your brows done by High Definition or Benito Brow Bar?


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  1. Ahh they look fab! I'm definitely thinking eyelash extensions next too! J x


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