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Friday, June 03, 2016

A Thought From Everyday May

1. HELLO MAY! Seriously how is it even May already? This year is going way too quick!
2. Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Guess who decided to work today? Yep me. Why in the world did I decide to work today!!
3. It's Glowfit Tuesday! BEST DAY OF THE WEEK! Too bad my legs are incredibly sore so it might be difficult - fingers crossed I can power through!
4. Today I'm off to physio and I can't wait for my legs to have a good massage.  Just putting on slightly more makeup just in case my physio guy is fit! EDIT: Quite fit but married - damn!
5. Do you ever have one of those days when it's just a really good day? No particular reason why but just a really good day.  Maybe it's the sunshine, that makes everything better.
6. I am TOO excited to head to the gym, I haven't been properly in weeks due to my leg injury and I'm really craving a good workout session, is that sad?
7. Don't ya just love a productive day? Soph and I shot two outfits each, went out for brunch and then I went to work so pretty busy but very productive day! Love it!
8.  How amazing has the weather been today?! It makes me seriously happy when the UK has weather like this!
9. You know what bugs me? When people unfollow you and follow you on instagram, like hello I SEE YOU! But you know what is even worse? When brands do it! EURGH!
10. How early is too early to start packing for a holiday? I'm just getting too excited to go now!
11. Said person from point 9 is still following me and unfollowing me on instagram....BLOCKED.
12. Still thinking about my holiday and debating whether I need to buy another Triangl bikini cos I love mine so much! But can I justify £60 on a bikini??
13. TODAY IS THE DAY I SEE MY BEST FRIEND! TODAY IS THE DAY! She lives out in Thailand and is home for the week and I couldn't be happier to see her!
14. You know when you're driving, does anybody else talk to themselves like they are vlogging and filming themselves? Anyone...? Just me, ok!
15. Sundays are for chilling and eating lots of food. First Sunday in a while where I've just chilled out and I am soo happy for that.
16. Oh god I made my brows FAR TOO DARK today, I'm literally so aware of them and I can't look anyone in the eye because I don't want them to see and comment on them.  Oh god they look like slugs! WAH WAH
17. Bought a new cereal (very wild and exciting I know) but it is now my favourite thing in the world and I want to eat it all.  Lidl you are my new favourite shop and thank you for creating the most amazing cereal ever.
18. I've been in such a good mood today! Like hell of a good mood and I have no idea why but I LOVE IT!
19. You know when some people just want to be the centre of attention at all times? Really grinds my gears.
20. Coffee never really affects me but omg I think the guy in Costa must have put about 3 shots of coffee in it because I am BUZZING, like I literally cannot sit and think straight.  I'm feeling a mixture of hungover and extremely excited, what is this.
21. Brunch is the best meal ever.
22. Some customers in retail really are the absolute worst.  Is there any need to be so rude?
23. I don't know how I can possibly work today WHEN I AM GOING ON HOLIDAY TOMORROW.  TOMORROW PEOPLE. IT IS FINALLY HERE!!
24. OMG IT IS HERE! HOLIDAY TIMMMMMEEEE! Soph and I checked in online and we have our boarding passes on our phones! Seriously on our phones. I'm beyond amazed and I feel so hi-tech! LOVE IT.
25. I have woken up to sunshine in paradise and an absolute instagram dream.
26. Sunsets really are the most beautiful sight.  Currently watching it whilst sailing around the coast of Santorini.  Does it really get any better?
27. Oh Oia, such a beautiful wonderful place! I finally saw the instagram perfect postcard picture with my own eyes and it is just as beautiful in real life!
28. IT IS HOT. I feel like I am actually melting.
29. Sunbathe. Jump in the pool. Sunbathe. Jump in the pool. Sunbathe. Jump in the pool. Sunbathe. Jump in the pool.
30. I am never leaving this place.  Never coming home, it's decided.
31. Time is going so fast, how is it the last day of my holiday already? How is it the end of May already? It's June tomorrow, why won't time just s l o w d o w n.


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