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Friday, May 06, 2016

TRAVEL: Snapshots From Whitsundays Islands, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands was my favourite place I visited whilst in Australia and I can't believe I haven't  shared some photos from my time there.  I lived in the surrounding area of Airlie Beach for 6 months and so popping over to Whitsunday Islands was pretty easy for me.  Whitehaven beach is literally the most beautiful beach I've ever seen with crystal clear water and sand that is ultra ultra fine, it's 98% silica which gives off the bright white colour.  We hiked up to the lookout where you get the most gorgeous view of the entire beach including all the swirls of the water which change throughout the day.  Every time I visited that lookout I was speechless as to how beautiful the beach was and even looking at the photos now I still get that same feeling and the photos don't even do the view justice.  

There are so many boat trips for you to experience the Whitsunday Islands but my favourite was definitely Ocean Rafting, a day trip where you can snorkel around a couple of the islands and then spend time on the beach, such an amazing day and brilliant way to experience the Whitsunday Islands. 


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