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Sunday, May 01, 2016

5 Things: I'm Looking Forward To

1. My Holiday To Santorini: I am too excited for my little holiday to Santorini with Soph, it was a very last minute decision for us to book a holiday and in 23 short days we will be sunning ourselves in the most instagrammable place ever.  Make sure you're following me on instagram so you don't miss all my lovely photos!

2. My Best Friend Visiting: My best friend Sarah currently lives and studies out in Thailand so I rarely get to see her as she only comes back home a couple of times a year (if that).  She is coming back home next month and I couldn't be happier to spend a couple of days catching up with her!

3. V Festival: Years ago I was an avid festival goer, Leeds Festival was my favourite and I would attend every year religiously.  But then I kind of got out of the habit of going as the line-ups were never quite my taste.  Years later, my musical taste has changed slightly and I'm really into anything in the charts so when the V Festival line up came out I was more than happy with it! I've never attended V Festival before so I'm excited to head down there and see what it's like.  I'm only going for a day but I'm seeing Justin Bieber so it's gonna be awesome!

4. Summer: Spring is supposed to be here but the weather as always is very questionable, I mean we had hailstones the other day.  What's up with that? Summer is my favourite season as I love the warmth and the sunshine and here in the UK there are times where we do have it and it's glorious.  I need the Summer weather to hurry up!

5.  The Future (generally): Finally, I'm looking forward to the future in general.  I don't know what is going to happen but I have some ideas and plans that I want to put into place so we will wait and see what happens.

What are you looking forward to?


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