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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

OOTD: Not My Usual Style

Dress: Urban Outfitters // Scarf: M&S // Hat: Topshop
Handbag: Mulberry // Shoes: Primark

Morning guys! This post has been sitting in my drafts for a little while now and other posts have come and gone up before it but I'm finally having the time to sit down and write it.  I actually wore this a couple of weeks ago now when Spring was starting to show it's face and I thought I'd be brave and wear my new shoes from Primark.  I completely missed the lace up trend last year and so when I spotted these in store I snapped them up, all the other shoes I've seen in this style are either black or nude and I loved the purple colour so was made up! If you follow my blog or instagram you will know that I wear a hell of a lot of monochrome and so the purple is just the perfect colour to brighten an outfit up a little bit.  

This dress I'm pretty much obsessed with, it's so cute and I think I love it even more as it's so unlike my normal style.  I'm not normally a floral kinda gal but when it's juxtaposed against the black and with then with all black accessories, I really really love it.  Plus it was only £15 in the sale in Urban Outfitters, bargain right? I've never purchased anything so cheap in there and I had a voucher to use too so it was a win win all round.

These photos were taken a couple of days after I had had my hair done and so it was still looking super sassy.  I wish I could blow dry my hair properly but alas I'm lazy and hate drying my hair so I always leave it to it's natural waviness.

What do you think of this look?


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