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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

8 Current Fashion Favourites

I've been obsessed with a few fashion bits recently and haven't done a favourites post in a while so here is a round up of all fashion bits and bobs that I've been loving recently! Let me know what you've been loving this month down in the comments!

1. My Quay Australia sunglasses have literally not been off my face, (I'm sure if you follow my instagram you will be sick of them) they are just the most flattering shape and I love love the blue mirrored lenses!

2. I never used to be a jewellery kinda person but that all changed when I got a Pandora for my 18th birthday, since then it's been none stop jewellery buying.  My latest bits and bobs have been from Jewellery Box including this incredibly cute arrow bracelet* and heart necklace* that you can see in a couple of other photos.  All the jewellery is so dainty whilst being such great quality and I'm really loving them at the moment. 

3. This H&M top, I feel like I'm gonna be banging on about this top for a while but it's just so cute and I can't wait to wear it more when it warms up slightly here! Oh hiya Quay sunglasses again. Full post here.

4. I never really got into the whole lace up show trend last year, I really wanted to but just never found any shoes that I really liked.  So when I spotted these cute purple ones in Primark for £8 (yes really!) I couldn't really say no.  They look so cute and are actually really comfortable!

5.  My Triangl* bikini that I literally lived with whilst on holiday, such a perfect fit and I love the colour combination.  Oh look it's those sunglasses again, oops!

6. Another pair of shoes but I'm so obsessed with these pair of Clarks* shoes! I featured them in this post and you guys seemed to really love them too! They are actually two shoes in one as you can remove the tassels and you are left with just the T bar which is such a cute feature! I love the colour of these too as it's unlike anything else I own.  Full post here.

7. I've been loving this black and white bandana recently, it's such a cute addition to my wardrobe and can really grunge up an outfit.  Full post here.

8. I never really got the obsession with striped tops until I bought one for myself and now I can't stop wearing them.  This one from Urban Outfitters has now become such a staple in my wardrobe and I love teaming it with my high-waisted jeans. 

What fashion bits are you loving at the moment?


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