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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Life Lately

Blogger mail literally makes my day, it's such a perk of this hobby so when an email from Triangl popped into my mail box I was ecstatic.  Like I think I nearly screamed, Triangl work with so many amazing bloggers and I've always secretly wanted one for myself but never in a million years thought it would happen so I when that email came through I was made up! Now the decision was which bikini to choose, there are so many amazing styles and it took me a long long while to decide.  Finally I chose the Poppy in Paradise Palms* and eagerly awaited it's arrival.  A couple of days later it arrived and I love everything about it, the colours, the style and it fits like an absolute dream.  I can't wait to wear it on my holidays.... 3 weeks to go!

A snap of a casual outfit for work which never made it onto my instagram.  I featured these raw hem jeans in my last post and they are just so comfortable! Paired with a grey split side top and my bomber (which I defo don't wear enough!) this was the perfect casual outfit for the weekend. 

This amazing meal is from my newest favourite restaurant, Vapiano!  I first tried it when I was down in London recently and it was amazing, you order at the counter and they make all the food fresh in front of you so it's super yummy.  Mum and I had a little day trip to Manchester recently and when I realised they had a restaurant there too we were straight there.  I ended up ordering the exact same thing as I had last time (Rucola Ravioli) as it was just so yummmmmy! If you're ever in Manchester or near a Vapiano then you need to check it out.

Speaking of Manchester, mum and I took a trip to Foundation Coffee House as I'd seen it over on instagram and lo and behold it was just as amazing as I thought it would be.  Yes I am talking about a coffee shop being amazing. Everything served there is gluten free or organic and is so yummy.  The decor inside in the cafe is just so instagrammable and I couldn't help taking a couple of FWIS snaps with the fancy floors.

I rarely fully dry and straighten my hair as it's one of those girly chores that I just find so tedious.  My hair is pretty long and naturally quite curly so I tend to leave it to do it's own natural thing but the other day I had some time and decided to straighten it and I couldn't believe how long it has gotten! I've wanted my hair to grow for so long and it's finally getting to a length that I'm happy with, I just wish it was a little thicker!

What have you been up to recently?


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