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Friday, March 11, 2016

Finding Time

Working full time throughout the week and then also with two part time jobs thrown in there too means that my time is pretty much taken up.  I am always on the go and very rarely have time for myself (well it feels that way anyway).  Some days I come home from work, am in the flat for 20 minutes and then I'm back out again ready for my next job.  I very rarely stop, sit down and just chill out (incidentally it's what I'm doing now but hey ho) but ya know what, I actually like being busy.  Being busy keeps your mind off things and yes it may feel like you are running at a million miles an hour but you also feel like you are being productive.

Finding time for anything is hard, there is always something that needs to be done, always something that needs to be prioritised like tidying my room or doing my washing.  Yes those boring tasks that you never want to do but also take absolutely forever.  But finding time to do the things that you want to do is important to.  Me? I like going to the gym and I'm not ashamed to admit that I love watching Netflix so I make sure that I find time to do that.  I talked about finding time for the gym in my previous post as I like to go the gym in the morning before I even start work and in that way I'm still doing what I want in my own time and it leaves me more time to chill out in the evening after work and catch up on Netflix then.

Working 3 jobs does mean that my blog has been suffering recently.  I used to be pretty religious in posting 3 times a week and always had at least 2 weeks prepped and scheduled ready to go but now I rarely have 1 post ready to go which I now isn't the bee all and end all (is that the correct saying?) but I do like being consistent with my blogging.  I know I just mentioned that I have some time in the evenings after work but after being on a computer all day, turning on my laptop sometimes really is the last thing that I want to do.  But blogging is more than just writing the posts, what takes longer is actually taking the photos and then editing them all.  My blog features a lot of fashion content but working most weekends means I struggle to find time to get them shot plus if the weather is awful (like it has been recently) then it just creates even more of a struggle.

But what I've realised is that it's ok that I don't have all my posts prepped a few weeks in advance, sometimes my most well received posts are the ones that I write off the cuff like this one.  Blogging has turned into this pristine magazine-like affair but am I one of those bloggers? No.  Will I ever be one of those bloggers? Nah don't think so.  And I'm ok with that.  I lead a pretty busy life as it is so I'm not going to kill myself to churn out content when I just don't have the time to do it.  I'm going to do what I can with my time off and if that is sitting down and watching the latest episode of PLL then so be it.



  1. Well done for holding down 3 jobs!! I can only just handle 1. I agree with you though sometimes it is nice to be super busy :)

  2. Oh wow, I admire you for having 3 jobs. I really don't know how I'd manage with that.


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