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Monday, March 14, 2016

A Girlie Weekend

This weekend has been a very girlie weekend for me so far.  Friday was spent working, which turned out to be the longest of all days, and then after work I headed straight to the hairdressers.  Now I haven't been to the hairdressers in a good year and a half so it was well overdue.  It's not like I haven't wanted to get it done, I have, it's been due a cut for a good 8 months now but unless you have a hairdresser who you know and trust it's pretty difficult to find a decent one at a decent price because do you know how bloody expensive a cut is nowadays? It's literally insane how much it costs, like I could buy a completely new outfit for the same price as a trim would cost me.  

Not cool.

As I struggled to find a decent or cheap enough hairdresser, the last time I had a hair cut was done by my mum.  Yep you heard right, my mother cut my hair.  And she had had a glass of wine as well.  Great decisions made by me that day.  But ya know what? She actually did a good job.  All I wanted was a little trim to get rid of my dead ends and that was that, just a little tidy up so was nothing special hence me being ok with my mum cutting it.  And FYI she cut it straight too, winner!

So a little trim then was fine but it had started to get all ratty again and the colour also needed a good look at.  Tbf the colour from my last trip 18 months ago had faded into a really gorgeous colour so I was able to get away with it but I've been talking forever about how I wanted to get it re-done.  But again the price was putting me off.  

BUT if you think about it.... a cut and dye job is gonna cost me on average £100 and if I only get it done every 12-18months then the price really isn't that bad, if ya think about it that way.  Makes sense? Yes? No? Ok. 

Anyway so I finally booked into Toni & Guy for Friday evening, I've been going to Toni & Guy salons for years now and even though I've never found a particular stylist to always religiously do my hair, I know that any member of the team will do an amazing job.  It's bloody expensive but I've never come out of an appointment there hating my hair which is a plus so I took the plunge and went back.

I had a pretty good idea with what I wanted, a balayage effect with lots of blonde and basically brightening the whole hair up.  Style-wise I wanted to keep the length, get rid of all those thin dead ends and give some thickness back to it.  

And here is the final result!

Now I was actually shocked when I looked at this photo.  Is that really what my hair looks like? I am the definition of my own #hairgoals.  (Yes I really did just say that)

The stylist had done exactly what I had asked for and I couldn't be more happy!  Like I'm literally over the moon and not gonna lie, I haven't stopped looking at that photo cos OMG IT LOOKS SO AMAZING!  It looks long, super healthy and has given my hair the refresh that it 100% defo needed.  And don't even get me started on that curly blow... AH-MAZING! I need my hair to look like this everyday cos there is no way that I can get it to look like that by myself.  

So I had my hair done, phase 1 of girlie weekend complete.  Phase 2 was getting my makeup done at the Charlotte Tilbury counter at John Lewis, Liverpool ONE.  Now I know Charlotte Tilbury is like the makeup artist/brand of the moment but I'm gonna admit that I've been super duper late to trying any of the products out.  Yes not even really swatched any lipsticks. 

And I call myself a blogger, I KNOW.

It's been more of a love affair from afar.  My sister on the other hand has had a couple of makeovers and bought some products which is odd as it's normally the other way around with makeup.  

ANYWAY, I was bought a voucher for Christmas which meant I could receive a makeover and then redeem the £25 back in products (in all honesty won't get ya very far but it all helps!).  So my decision was which 'look' do I go for.  Now bare in mind, it was 10am on a Saturday morning and all I had planned for the day was to shoot an outfit post and then go to work.  GLAM LIFE.  So naturally I didn't want to go for an all out there IYA I just got my makeup done and now I'm ready for a night out - show me the cocktails kinda look like Dolce Vita or The Bombshell.  So instead I opted for The Sophisticate, a muted more classic look that was perfect for daytime and what I had planned for the rest of the day.

The girl who gave me my makeover was super lovely and seriously knew her stuff.  All the skincare and makeup knowledge and why Charlotte created specific products, all very interesting!

Anyway heres the final look.

Products used:

  • Charlotte's Magic Cream (moisturiser)
  • Wonder Glow (primer)
  • Magic Foundation
  • The Retoucher (concealer)
  • Airbrush Flawless Finish (powder)
  • Filmstar Bronze and Glow
  • Luxury Palette - The Sophisticate (eyeshadow)
  • The Classic - Audrey (eyeliner)
  • Full Fat Lashes - Glossy Black (mascara)
  • Cheek to Chic - Sex on Fire (blush)
  • Lip Cheat - Pillowtalk (lip liner)
  • K.I.S.S.I.N.G - Hepburn Honey (lipstick)
  • Lip Lustre - High Society (lip gloss)

I was SUPER happy with the result like seriously how amazing does that eye makeup look? I love a good brown eye and I do tend to go for it quite often but this is more extreme and ya know what, I love it! I've always thought if I added a little bit more it would look too brown and just too much for daytime but I reckon it works really well and I'll 100% be trying it again soon!

The foundation is like an absolute dream, my skin has never felt so soft and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing any foundation at all but it's such high coverage.  Amazing stuff seriously! With my £25 I decided to buy the foundation as I loved it straight away and then I also bought the Lip Lustre as again I was really impressed with it, it's not like a normal lipgloss as it's not tacky or anything, it's more of a lip lacquer so gives the lips such a gorgeous colour.  I was tempted by the Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette as that was just incredible, hiya cheekbones, but at £50 I couldn't quite justify it.

So yeah, there we go... a very girlie weekend for me.  New hair and new makeup.  I'm like a changed woman! But ya know what? Being a girl is so ridiculously expensive but I guess it's all worth it!

Let me know what you think of my new hair and my makeover and I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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