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Sunday, March 27, 2016

56 Thoughts I Had Whilst On A 4 Hour Flight

1. Oh I'm so excited to go on a plane! Can't remember the last time I went on a plane!
2. I wonder where I'm gonna be sat.
3. Fingers crossed I get an aisle seat - forever needing to go to the toilet on planes!
4. Or a window seat cos getting that perfect cloud shot from the plane window would look so good on my instagram right about now!
5. Defo don't want the middle seat, we all know thats the worst seat ever.
6. I wonder if I'm boarding yet? *Goes and checks the board for the millionth time*
7. OH I am boarding, shit wheres my gate?
8. Do I have everything? Defo think I've left something behind...
9. Bag? Check! Passport? Check! Boarding pass? Shit, where is it?! I literally just had it!!
10. FOUND IT! Mum had it.
11. I wonder if all these people are getting on my plane too.
12. Hopefully not all these children, screaming children on a plane are THE worst!
13. I'm gate 26, theres gate 25 and theres gate 27, WHERE THE HELL IS GATE 26?
14. How am I meant to go on holiday if I can't even find my bloody gate?
15. FOUND IT! Why make it so you have to go downstairs and then back up again, what a palava!
16. Ooh look at all the planes!
17. I expected ours to be bigger than that.
18. Seriously how are all these people going to find on there.  Comfortably may I add.
19. What seat am I in?
20. 5E. Remember that. 5E. 5E. 5E.
21. Why is there always that one person who decided to cut right in front of you? Hello can you not see that we are forming an orderly queue?
22. I really don't think I look like my passport photo anymore, really how do they possibly know it's me?
23. The photo could totally be worse I guess.
24. What number seat am I sitting in again? I've already forgotten!
25. 5E - right at the front of the plane. Brilliant! Means I can get off it quicker.
26. Oh I'm in the middle section of the plane...
27. DAMN I really wanted that instagram window shot.
28. I wonder if the lady in that seat would mind taking the photo for me?
29. Ok, let's get organised, what will I need for this plane journey?
30. Book? yes perfect time for me to catch up on my reading.
31. I'll get my iPod out just in case I get bored of reading though.
32. Oh god where are my headphones? Don't tell me I left them at home!!
33. FOUND them.  Of course they were in that one pocket that I never ever go in.
34. Oooh look at all this leg room! I've never had anything so spacious on a flight ever, I'm practically in first class!
35. And I even have my own tv - on a 4 hour flight, this never happens!!
36. Thomas Cook I have decided I love you and your airline!
37. Hmm what film should I watch....Crazy Stupid Love - HELLO Ryan Gosling!
38. Whattttt?Ii have to pay for some movies, that is an outrage!!
39. NO wait they are free!! WAHEY
40. Hmmm now what do I watch? Ryan Gosling or Chris Pratt? Ryan Gosling or Christ Pratt?
41.  Think I'll go with Chris Pratt today!
42. Don't you dare put your seat back Mr, you have all leg room you possibly need so you do not need to lie down!
43. FINE I'll have to put my seat down now too just so I have all the room.
44. Oh wow this is incredibly comfortable though. Why did I not do this sooner?
45. My sister is watching Crazy Stupid Love and OMG it's the topless scene, why didn't I choose to watch Ryan Gosling? PURE BABE!
46. Oh man I can smell food, I actually like airplane food, I hope they bring some round.
47. You are messing, how are we nearly here already, I haven't finished watching my second film though yet!
48. Damn if I had that window seat I could have taken a cracking photo of that sea then.  Instagram would have loved it.
49. Landing is so much quicker than taking off, don't ya think.
50. Woahhh now, bumpy landing there! We nearly took back off again!
51. You are meant to keep your seatbelts on till the pilot says so mate, rule breaker.
52. Why is it when as soon as you land, everyone (including myself) just stands up and looks around disapprovingly? We will get off eventually guys!
53. Least I'm at the front so I'll get off quicker.
54. DAMN we get off in the middle, mannnn that is annoying.
55. Does anybody else just love that feeling when you hop off a plane and the warm air just hits you? It's like YES I AM OFFICIALLY ON HOLIDAY!
56. Now where are my sunglasses?


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  1. Haha loved this! I can NEVER find the right gate at the airport and have to ask about 5 different people!
    Cloe X


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