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Friday, March 25, 2016

30 Things To Do This Bank Holiday

1. Binge watch your favourite Netflix season.
2. Go for coffee and cake.
3. Catch up with your friends.
4. Eat ALL the easter egg chocolate.
5. Go to the gym to work off said chocolate.
6. Paint your nails and try out a new nail art.
7. Have a wardrobe clear-out.
8. Put your old clothes on eBay or take them to a charity shop.
9. Go shopping to update your now empty wardrobe for Spring.
10. Go out for cocktails.
11. Prepare some blog posts.
12. Clean your makeup brushes.
13. Bake some cakes.
14. Catch up with your favourite blogs and youtube channels.
15. Go for a long walk.
16. Do your washing (boring).
17. Stay in bed alllllllll day.
18. Go watch the newest release at the cinema.
19. Read that book that you normally never get time to.
20. Be a tourist in your own city.
21. Go on a bike ride.
22. Visit a museum.
23. Watch the sunset.
24. Go get some ice cream (it is Spring after all so it's acceptable now!)
25. Start making a scrap book.
26. Book a city break for the next Bank Holiday.
27. Meal prep for the rest of the week.
28. Write out your travel bucket list.
29. Go do some window shopping.
30. Take a long hot bath.

Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday!


1 comment

  1. Is it bad that I've already eaten two maxi bars of chocolate and it's only Friday?! I guess I'll be meal prepping healthy food for the rest of the week, haha!
    Great ideas!
    Cloe X


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