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Sunday, February 14, 2016

This Week #1

Think it's about time I brought back my little Sunday post, I did these a while back and then they just kind of died a death and I never got back into them.  But I do love reading these kind of posts and hearing about everyones week so I've decided to bring them back with a bang!

This week has been the busiest longest week in a long long time and I can't even explain how exhausted I feel right now.  But even though it's been such a long week, it's also been a pretty good week so I'm happy!

1. I spent two days down in Birmingham with work for Spring Fair which is a trade show and I spent the days meeting suppliers and helping my Buyer with some purchases.  The last time that I went I wasn't too involved with anything but this year my Buyer really involved me so I really enjoyed it! The 14+ hour days were long but it was so worth it, plus 2 days out of the office was pretty decent!

2.  I've started going back to my Glowfit classes, they've put on two new classes in Liverpool so they're easier for me to get too and I love them! I help the instructor on stage and it's pretty awesome to see the whole hall having a dance and a whole load of fun whilst exercising.  If you don't know what Glowfit is, it's an exercise class to 90s dance song with glowsticks, yes really.  It's hard work and I'm always sweating gallons by the end of it but I love it!  You can see more here.

3.  Although this week has been long, I've been so grateful for a little bit of a lie in this weekend.  I'm working my second job in retail over the weekend but the shifts aren't too bad so means I've been able to chill out a little bit which is 100% what I needed after this long week.  Working 2 jobs is hard going but I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it!

4. Blogger mail has brightened up my week, I always feel so lucky to be in a position where I receive items from brands for me to feature on my blog.  I'm seriously chuffed about what I received this week (I'll let you guys see soon!) and can't wait to wear it when I go on holiday which is in 37 days! It's coming around so quick! Eeeek!

Hows your week been? Let me know in the comments!


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