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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Feeling of Wanderlust

The longing is getting real now.  I'm getting itchy feet again and I think sooner rather than later it's going to happen.  I returned back from Australia and New Zealand in 2014 and I was happy for a time, happy to be home and finally see my friends and family, happy to just do normal ish things again like I wasn't doing when I was away.  But it's been nearly two years now since I stepped back off that plane and I think it's time I made another trip.

Don't get me wrong I am really happy at home, I have a great job which I enjoy in a career that I am desperate to progress in (I work in Buying FYI), I have wonderful friends and family and a lovely little flat in the city centre with my blogging pal Soph and I am very happy with life at the moment.  However, the days and the weeks seem to be just rolling into one and it's starting to become the same old monotony over and over again.

In some ways I am very very happy but in other ways I'm just not, I feel like there is something missing.  I know exactly what is is that's missing and it's been creeping up on me for a little while now, it's wanderlust.  I am absolutely desperate to go exploring again and to see the world.  My life over in Australia was so completely different to anything over here and it's something you can't really understand unless you've experienced it for yourself.  The Australian way of life is so chilled out, everyone is so friendly and I really felt like I was at home as soon as that plane landed.  I experienced some amazing adventures and loved living my life out over there and I feel like thats what I'm craving at the moment.  I miss the sunshine, the beach, the healthy lifestyle, the accent, I miss everything and currently every little thing is reminding me of my time over there.  I'll see a photo on Facebook from my time out there and I know that I should have feelings of joy and happiness but in all honesty, it's the complete opposite.  It literally kills me that I am still not out there at the moment.

I know there are a lot of people who say they experience wanderlust but there are people who say this and don't act on it and then there are those who take it on board and make it a reality.  I have made it a reality and loved every second of it, I've then come home and experienced that too so I'm lucky to have experienced the best of both worlds but I think it's time I made travelling a reality again.  I'm turning 25 in March which I know is still pretty young but I'm literally seeing my life flash before my eyes and I'm worried that soon I'm just going to get stuck in a rut and then not do and experience everything that I want to.  It's literally now or never it seems and I want to do it all whilst I still can.

Now that I've decided this, it's all I can think about and I know it's going to be at the front of my mind from now until I book a flight out there.  Let's see what the future holds.

Do you experience wanderlust?


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