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Friday, February 19, 2016

Fashion Blogger Fails

Most people think that fashion blogging is a walk in the park but it can be pretty difficult at times, deciding where to shoot and then trying to get the right shot when you're there.  We all know it doesn't happen 100% all the time and there are always those photos that just don't quite cut it for your post.  Today I thought I'd share a couple of my 'fashion blogger fails' for a bit of a laugh as there are always at least 1000 from each shoot that I do.  I've also linked the posts for all these looks if you want to have a little gander at the photos that did make the cut!

1.  The 'I Whip My Hair Back And Forth' pose: Mid hair swish trying to capture that ever so natural pose....I joke, totally not natural.  I feel like I'm channelling the Herbal Essences advert in this one, I think I'm rocking it....yeah? Maybe not.  OOTD: Starry Eyed

2. The 'Look What's So Interesting On The Floor' pose: This is a common one for me, I tend to run out of poses after a while and think that staring at the floor is a good one, well theres staring at the floor and theres really staring at the floor which looks a little like this one.  But least my nail varnish looks good! OOTD: Back To Black

3. The 'I Moved Too Quickly' pose: This one also happens a lot, I start to do one pose and then quickly realise that my face doesn't look right so try to change it half way through and the photos tend to come out something like this scary ghost-esque thing with an extra long eyebrow. OOTD: Pink & Grey Fur

4. The 'Eating My Hair' Pose: Another common occurrence for me especially when I'm shooting outside, the wind is just not my friend at all.  It literally hates me and my long hair.  I've got the whole 'Blue Steel' look going on and then wham bam I'm eating my hair, awesome.  I call this particular shot 'Tash with a Tash' ya geddit? my names Tash and the wind has given a tash....geddit? Oh I'm hilarious, I know. OOTD: Out Of Place

 5. The 'I've Given Up' Pose: At the end of the shoot, I always end up with one of these.  We've taken a billion photos and I've run out of all the fashion blogger poses I can think of and so this is the end result.  Time to go. OOTD: Back To Black

Do you have any fashion blogger fails? Let me know if you enjoyed this post at hilariously bad photos of myself.  All the lols.


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