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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

5 Things: My Favourite Travel Photos

I love travelling and am very lucky to have visited some of the most amazing places in the world (well in my opinion anyway) and like everyone else when I'm away I love documenting my travels by taking lots of photos.  These photos serve as great memories from my travels and I love nothing more than looking back over them to relive those memories so today I'm sharing a couple of my favourite travel photos with you.

Sydney Harbour from the Sydney Harbour Pylon Lookout: What a view, seriously! I think this was one of if not my favourite spot in Sydney as you can see all the sights, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and that beautiful city skyline.  This photo was taken from the Pylon Lookout which I posted about here.

Ayers Rock at Sunrise: I loved visiting Ayers Rock, it was one of my top priorities when visiting Australia and it was just as beautiful in real life as you imagine it to be.  I was lucky enough to see Ayers Rock from afar at sunrise and sunset and both were equally as beautiful.  The sky at sunrise was insanely beautiful and I'm so happy I managed to capture it all.  The colours were changing so quickly that I remember taking a million photos just so I didn't miss a thing. 

Drinking a beer with my best friend on The Great Wall of China: This is 100% one of my favourite travel memories.  I visited my best friend Sarah for a couple of weeks when she was living in China and obviously visiting The Great Wall of China was top of my list.  On this day we walked over 11km on a pretty isolated stretch of the Great Wall away from all the tourists and it is still to this day one of my favourite ever trips.  This photo was taken up a little turret that we climbed up and we were met with the most amazing views of The Great Wall as it stretched as far as we could see and we obviously had a cheeky beer to hydrate us ;)

Being a Hobbit at Hobbiton: I am a huge Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit fan so I couldn't go to New Zealand and not go to Hobbiton.  We took a tour of the set, had a beer in the Green Dragon Inn and pretended to be a hobbit for the day, literally incredible. The set was just insane and looked exactly like it does in the films (obviously it does...) but it's pretty awesome to say I've visited there.  Read more about my trip here.

Whitehaven Beach from the lookout point at The Whitsunday Islands: If there was one place where I could re-visit everyday and not get bored, it would be here.  Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands. It is without a doubt my favourite view ever, the colour of the water against the white sand is just gorgeous.  The beach changes all the time due to the tide coming in and out and creates the most insane swirls.  It's just so beautiful and could look at this photo all day.

Do you have any favourite travel photos?


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