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Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Things: My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is currently my favourite platform to use and I'm constantly scrolling through it and liking everything.  I'm really enjoying throwing my own content out there at the moment too and really thinking about my 'theme' YES I am one of those bloggers even though I do spend far too long thinking about what photo to post next.  You can follow me on instagram @hellotashablog.  But for todays post I thought I'd share the love a little bit with 5 of my favourite instagram accounts at the moment. 

@_alexalamode - Ahhh Alex's feed is just goals! It's so minimal and I love that all the photos are horizontal, it's so different and unlike any other account that I follow.

@coppergarden - I'm a massive fan of Jess's blog and youtube but I think out of all her social media channels, her instagram is my favourite.  She's really upped her game recently and shares such a wonderful variation of posts that I just love.

@imii.mace - Ah this girl is living the Parisian dream and I couldn't be more jealous! The thing I love about Imii's instagram is the colour scheme, it all just flows and is the definition of an instagram theme!

@lurchhoundloves - Charlotte's blog is 100% one of my favourites and she is another blogger who has completely upped their game recently. I love that her instagram is 90% fashion related and she is such an inspiration to me.

@sophierosie. - Well I couldn't not feature my gal pal Soph could I? She's an insta-queen! Nuff'said.

Do you follow any of these accounts? Who are your favourites to follow? Leave me your links down in the comments!


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