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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

LIFESTYLE: Winter Wonderland

I've wanted to visit Winter Wonderland for a good couple of years now and this year I finally managed to make it down there as I had a couple of days break in London (catch my photo diary here).  I love visiting Christmas Markets so Winter Wonderland was right up my street, with food stalls galore, big rides and all the Christmas lights, I loved every minute of it.  We visited twice during our stay and both times we were very lucky as it wasn't overly busy so we had the space and time to look around at our own leisure and didn't have to queue for any rides or food stalls.  My sister isn't a big fan of upside down rides whereas I love them so we decided to go on 'Ice Mountain' (pictured above) and it was so much fun, we literally spent the entire ride laughing our heads off.  After looking around for a while, we were getting slightly thirsty and so headed to the Bavarian Beer Garden and had chocolate! Yes no beer for us, it was freezing down there and even though we were all wrapped up, a hot chocolate was needed.  Winter Wonderland was far bigger than I thought it would be, there so much choice for everything and in my opinion is well worth a visit.  Next time I'd love to go ice-skating and have a go on the bigger rides!

Have you ever visited Winter Wonderland?


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