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Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Things: I'm Watching Right Now

1. Once Upon A Time: Ahh this programme I am 100% obsessed with! I've binge watched through seasons and I'm finally up to season 5.  When I started watching it I was a little unsure as I didn't really know what to expect but that soon faded away and the obsession started.  I love fairytales and princesses galore so this is really up my street, but it's also quite dark at times too.  The characters are so complicated but so relatable at the same time and just when you think that they've run out of fairytales characters to involve another one just pops up! It seriously is brilliant and very well created.

2. 90210: This programme takes me right back to my Uni days, I was obsessed with this show and watched it religiously whilst writing my dissertation.  But Netflix only had up to season 4 online so I was stuck and never managed to watch the final season.  That's all changed now as season 5 has just been put up and this is my latest obsession.  It's one of those series that you can just pop on and watch whilst doing other things aka blogging.  It's such a drama filled show and I can't help but get invested with the characters, mainly because I'm jealous of them and their expensive extravagant lives but it such a great show.

3. Making A Murderer: The programme that everyone, like literally everyone is talking about.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm only watching this to give in to the hype.  I've literally just finished watching this and after not being too into it in the beginning, I am now obsessed! I'm so frustrated with the entire series and I've spent a fair bit of time googling theories to do with it now cos I'm not happy with the result at all!

4. Pretty Little Liars: I am so happy that this programme is back on Netflix, it is without a doubt one of my favourite series that I've ever watched as it's just so good.  It's so unbelievably unpredictable and there are twists and turns in every episode.  It literally keeps you on the edge of your seat as you never know what is going to happen next.  I was pretty late to the game with this one so I binge watched right up to the current season and now it's killing me that I have to wait a week to watch each one, it's well worth it though!

5. How To Get Away With Murder: This is my latest obsession, I'd seen it advertised on Netflix and it was always in the back of my mind to watch it but since finishing Once Upon A Time and 90210 at the same time (why does that always happen?) I needed something new to watch and thought it was now or never.  I've only watched a couple of episodes but my god is it good! I finished the first episode with an actual gasp of OMGWHATDIDTHEYJUSTDO! And I haven't stopped watching it since, really brilliant stuff!

What are you watching at the moment? Are you watching any of these series?


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