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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

20 Things Fashion Bloggers Say When Shooting Outfits

Most people think fashion blogging is easy, you stand in front of the camera, take a couple of snaps and boom you have a set of fancy photos for your latest post.  But in truth, it's pretty difficult to get a couple of decent photos that you're happy with.  Whenever I'm shooting outfits theres always things that I find myself repeating over and over again and realised I can't be the only one so heres a fun little list of 20 things fashion bloggers say when shooting outfits.

1. Where do you think we should shoot?
2. Is this background too plain or too in your face?
3. Ok I'm ready...
4. Should I tuck my top in or out? What ya reckon?
5. How do I stand?
6. What should I do with my face?
7. Oh shit, do I have lipstick on my teeth?
8. Is my head in shot?
9. How about if I stand like this? Is that a better angle?
10. Oh god, can you see my double chin?
11. Why can't my eyes stay open?
12. Oh no, now they're too wide open I look like a startled hen!
13. This outfit looked so good in the mirror and in my head, why does it look so shit now?
14. In all my photos I've got resting bitch face, oh wait, is that my actual face?
15. Oh hi wind, I wanted a face full of hair to complete my look today.
16. How about I try one of those half smile faces? Does it work? No.
17. How about we try one of those super cool fashion blogger walking shots?
18. Well that failed, maybe I'll just stand still again.
19. I've done this pose already haven't I?
20. Did you get the shot?

Let me know if you can relate to any of these!


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