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Sunday, January 24, 2016

10 Reasons You're Doing Better Than You Think

Everyone has bad days or even a bad couple of days, it happens to all of us at some point or another but there are some people (in my opinion) that rely too much on these bad days.  We all like to have a little whinge on twitter about how bad are days are and how sometimes we think we've been dealt a shit deal in life.  But I think it's about time that we stop being so negative and start looking at some reasons as to why we're doing a lot better than we think.

1. You have a job: Something that pays the bills and potentially gives you more money to spend on that cheeky ASOS order that you placed last night.  The job might not be in your desired career but a job is a job and anything that covers your bills and late night shopping habits is great.  If your job is in your chosen career then you're onto a winner.

2. You have food on your table: Seems like an odd one but to be able to have food on your table (or even to go out for food) is a great thing and not only that but you can pick and choose what you would like to eat.  Think about how so many people in this world struggle with that.

3. You have friends who you can totally be yourself around: Whether you have just a handful of friends or a huge bunch of them, friends who you can totally be yourself around and who understand you is amazing.  They can be a support system when you're feeling low or tell you the truth when your butt really does look too big in those jeans.

4. You have a goal: You're working towards a goal whether that be in your career or even a fitness one.  Having something to aim for is super important and reaching small milestones on the way to that goal can really help you and make you more determined to reach said goal.  Even if you don't voice your opinion about having a goal, everyone secretly has one. 

5. You paid your bills this month: You worked hard long hours to pay those bills off, whether you do have money left over or not, at least you managed to cover your living costs or whatever else you needed to pay off and at least you can say to yourself 'yes I managed another month!'

6. You have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes: A materialistic one but a good enough reason all the same.  Clothes make you feel good about yourself and even when you're not feeling so great, put on a fabulous outfit (in my case that always features a fedora) and some lipstick and you'll feel better already.  The fact that you can treat yourself to a new outfit on payday or when you need a new top for a night out is pretty awesome.

7. You have a hobby that you enjoy: Something that you make time for, whether that's blogging or horse-riding, anything that makes you feel good about yourself and you can sit there and say yes I enjoy this.

8. You're living life by your rules: Want to stay up late dancing on a Sunday night? Binge watch Netflix all day till it asks you 'are you still watching?' (YES Netflix of course I am!) or buy another pink lipstick because it is a totally different colour from the 126474 other ones that you already own? Then do it.  You are living life by your own rules and can do what you want when you want (well to a degree.)

9. You have your own space: To be able to be by ourselves is incredibly important and we do need our own space sometimes.  Whether that be in our bedrooms or a coffee shop (I know technically you're not by yourself but you are at the same time).  You need to have space to think and enjoy your own company.

10.  You can make your own decisions: I'm terrible at making decisions even just simple decisions such as deciding a time and place to meet my friends I struggle, I find it easier to make much bigger decisions in life like deciding to travel Australia or to quit my job.  But at least you have the luxury to make your own decisions in life whether it is as small as what chocolate you should buy at the local Tesco Express.

What do you think of this? Do you have any other reasons as to why you're doing better than you think?


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