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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

BEAUTY: MAC Edge To Edge Lipliner

I never really found the need to use a lip liner before but after reading and watching more and more bloggers use them (also after the whole Kylie Jenner trend) I realised how benefical they were and after using one I don't understand how I ever went without one.  My favourite and most used lipstick is MAC Brave, I remember swatching and purchasing it way before the whole Kylie Jenner trend but I can see why it's become so popular as it's the most gorgeous everyday dusky pink.  As I wear it everyday I thought it was the perfect time to purchase my first lipliner, now originally I did start using Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob but as I was wearing the combo so often I was going through the lip liners like nobody's business as they kept breaking so thought it was time I invested a little bit of money and buy a MAC one.  Now my problem was which colour do I get as I'd seen so many people use so many different colours with this lipstick so I popped over to my local MAC counter and swatched a couple with the lipstick itself.  One of the girls at the counter recommended Edge To Edge which is not one I'd heard a lot of but once I swatched it I knew it was the perfect match.  The lip liner itself is incredibly easy to work with as the formula is so buttery and soft and translates really well on to the lips.  Edge To Edge really is the perfect shade for working alongside MAC Brave and I'm super happy that I finally purchased a lip liner as I really do wear this combo nearly everyday.

Do you use lip liners? Have you used Edge To Edge?


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