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Friday, December 18, 2015

BEAUTY: Getting Christmas Party Ready With Lauren's Way

 It's that time again, Christmas party time! Mine was a couple of weeks ago now and I loved every minute of it, there was a lot of dancing, drinking and yes even more dancing! To make sure I was party ready I had a little help from Lauren's Way.  If you didn't already know Lauren's Way is the creation of Lauren Goodger from TOWIE and so I was a little intrigued to see how her products would turn out like.  I was sent two of the fake tans and a pair of lashes to test out.

Now I love a good fake tan but I do admit to being abit lazy with the upkeep and general maintenance of them so I like fake tans that will do the job well and last a good couple of days without minimal top up.  The two fake tans that I received were the Medium Self Tan Bronzing Lotion* and the Darker Then Dark Self Tan Bronzing Mousse*.  With a fake tan I do prefer a lotion just as I find they are easier to apply so I tried the Medium Self Tan first.  The product itself comes out rather dark and definitely does not look like a medium shade and even once applied on the skin it was insanely dark.  As the lotion was so dark so made it easy to see where I was applying which I love so means I didn't miss any areas.  The lotion was incredibly easy and smooth to apply and didn't drag on the skin at all. I woke up the next morning looking even darker but when I washed the colour off in the shower it toned down to a gorgeous natural glowy colour.  I was surprised at how much colour actually came off in the shower despite it being so dark to begin with but it was incredibly even and natural looking.  To get to the colour that I desired I re-applied the tan for a second night and then the following morning I was the colour that I was happy with.  Now usually fake tans do have a very distinct smell which actually is one of my guilty pleasures (yes really!) but there was none of that with this tan, it just smelt fresh.  The two layers of tan lasted me nearly a week which I was made up about (I did moisturise everyday to keep it lasting longer) and faded naturally and still with no streaks.  

Fake tan mousses aren't my favourite formulas but I decided to give this one a whirl as I'd had such good results with the lotion.  As this was the darker then dark colour I was expecting to be an insanely dark colour and even though it applied pretty dark on the first application when I washed it off I didn't feel any darker then when I used the medium tan.  I felt like the mousse was harder to apply as I had to work the little bit extra to get it all rubbed in and I found that it did slightly drag on the my skin especially around my shoulder area so I was left with a slight odd print my skin - but maybe this was just my fake tan application? But despite this I was still left with a natural looking tan   without streaks (despite my shoulders) and without the smell of fake tan which I was super happy with!

The second item that I was sent was the Midnight Diva Lashes* which in my opinion are just a party essential.  When I was at University lashes were my favourite part of doing my makeup for a night out and I would always get the biggest lashes I could find, sometimes even wearing two pairs to get the big lash effect (which looking back now looked much more like spiders - oops!).  I haven't worn lashes in years now but as it was my Christmas party I decided to go full on out and pop on a pair.  These Midnight Diva Lashes* are the perfect size and style for a sexy sophisticated look that is perfect for a Christmas party.  They really eccentuated my eyes and I loved the look that they gave.  The glue that was provided with them lasted well and I didn't feel like the lashes were at any point going to fall off as sometimes I can feel them slipping off.  In all honesty I didn't even feel the lashes on at all for the whole night which was amazing as sometimes you can feel them and they can annoy you, these didn't in the slightest!

Overall I'm super impressed with my products from Lauren's Way especially the Medium Self Tan Bronzing Lotion, the tans applied so beautifully and the lashes just looked amazing and super easy to apply so I'm made up.  I would highly recommend trying out some of these products if you want to try out a new fake tan as they really were amazing and I can't wait to continue using them.

Have you tried out any Lauren's Way products? Let me know in the comments!


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