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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TRAVEL: Helsinki & Porvoo Finland Photo Diary

Helsinki was never somewhere that I thought to visit but it was one of the stops on our cruise and it was really lovely to visit. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and just made the whole day so much better.  We visited a couple of tourist spots throughout the day, my favourites being the Helsinki Cathedral which was so grand looking and just stunning.  Another highlight was the Sibelius Monument for the composer Jean Sibelius, it's built of 600 pipes and is huge! It's such a stand out piece of art and I loved visiting it.  

 Our trip included a visit to Porvoo in the morning which was just the cutest little village.  Think cobbled streets, handicraft shops and cute little coffee shops.  It was situated on this gorgeous river where there were girls paddle boarding.  Everywhere in Porvoo seemed so chilled out and in some ways backward, like it hadn't caught up to the present time but it was just so lovely to visit. 

Have you ever visited Helsinki or Porvoo?


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