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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Some Thoughts On Moving Out

If you didn't already know from my previous post, a couple of weeks ago I moved out of my family home and moved in to a cute little flat with my gal pal Sophie.  It's something that has been in the pipeline for a couple of months but at the same time happened so quickly.  What started as a flippant "hey you should move in" turned into me piling through my finances to see if it was possible, asking everyone if they thought it was a good idea (resounding yes from everyone!) all the while knowing that it was something that I really really wanted to do.  Don't get me wrong I love living at home but at age 24 and after being away at University and then travelling around Australia, I kind of missed my independence.

My life had taken a turn of the repetitive.  It was the same old same old.  Work, come home, go to bootcamp, go to sleep and then start all over again.  It was that same cycle on repeat, even on the weekends as I worked my second job.  It was getting exhausting and mentally quite draining as nothing really changed.  I realised that moving out would give me that change and that independence that I was craving.  And you know what, it has.  It's been a couple of weeks since I moved out and into my cute little flat and not one day of me living here has been the same and it's a wonderful feeling.  Even though my day still consists of the same kind of cycle as before, I now have more time to myself and to do what I want to do and it also means that my weekends are slightly more freed up as I don't have to plan my whole day around getting to work and being there for hours on end.

Living in a city is pretty cool too as theres always something to do or somewhere to go.  I'm a 10 minute walk from the City Centre so I can always pop there if I want for some shopping or to grab a coffee and the Docks are near too just incase I want to head somewhere different for a walk.  Everything that I need is in such close proximity which is not only super handy but again just heightens my independence and shows that I am very able to live on my own.  I'm hoping that moving to a city will help me get out more and experience new things as I always forget how many amazing places there are to visit and things to do in Liverpool.  I've forever lived just outside the City so it's extremely exciting for me to finally move here now.

Now that I've moved out I have a list as long of my arm of responsibilities, like remembering to buy milk, doing my washing, remembering to always switch off my chargers cos I know it will rack up my electricity bill.  These are horrendously boring and very adult but it's all part and parcel of moving out and growing up.  It kills me to say that but I am actually growing up.  I think moving out of your family home is actually the turning point and where you think to yourself "yep now I'm a grown up". There's no escaping it now, I live in my little flat and my full time job is actually the starting points of my career.  Scary stuff but at the moment I wouldn't change it for the world.


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