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Friday, November 06, 2015

OOTD: Comfortable Converse

Jumper: Primark // Jeans: Topshop // Converse: Get The Label*

During my teenage years Converse were my thing, I was an emo kid (wasn't everyone at some point?) and hi-top Converse, black skinny jeans and a band tee was my standard uniform.  I remember thinking I was really individual but in reality everyone dressed exactly the same.  My Converse were my favourite shoes and I wore them to absolute death, it wasn't cool if they were brand spanking new and sparkling white so I used to get them as dirty as possible as quick as possible.  Converse were my go to shoe and saw me through some of my favourite gigs and festivals.  Nowadays my style has shifted and I haven't owned or worn a pair of Converse in years.  I have my Vans and my Stan Smiths which I wear quite often but Converse I'd kind of dismissed.  When I got the opportunity from Get The Label to receive a pair of shoes I jumped at the chance to get some Converse especially the standard black hi-tops as they were always my fave style that I owned.  As soon as I put them on I had such a feeling of nostalgia and I was transported right back to my teenage years.  My style may have changed to flouncy blouses and fedoras on a regular basis but deep down everyone loves comfortable clothing and that's exactly what Converse are for.  I'd forgotten how comfortable Converse are and I think they are my new (old favourite) go to shoe this Winter.

Do you wear Converse? What are your thoughts on them? Were you also an emo kid like myself?


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