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Friday, November 20, 2015

Blogging Goals For The Rest of 2015

As we're coming to the end of 2015 I thought it was about time I set myself a couple of blogging goals.  I'm not one to normally set goals but I do like to challenge myself at times and even though this is towards the end of this year I thought why not.  Some of the goals I've set are quite adventurous but still realistic if not for the end of this year but for the coming months.  

Bloglovin: I do struggle with bloglovin' followers as there are so many blogs now and I'm still yet to find my niche out there but I'd love to reach 500 followers by the end of the year.  500 is very adventurous for me but you've got to aim big haven't you? You can help by following me on Bloglovin'.

Twitter: I'm always on Twitter and it's one of my favourite platforms, I love chatting to fellow bloggers and sharing content over there.  I'm currently just over 1500 and so my new target is 1800 followers, still pretty small in Twitter numbers but quite achievable I think.  You can help by following me on Twitter.

Instagram: Instagram is 100% my favourite social media platform, I literally sit there for hours scrolling down and get lost within feeds.  I love sharing my own content be it blog photos or personal photos.  Recently I've been trying really hard with my content and to create a 'theme' (yes I'm one of those bloggers - who doesn't love a theme though?) and it's really been showing in my likes and follower count.  My aim for the end of this year is 1000 followers which is super achievable for me I reckon.  Out of all my goals, this is he one that matters to me the most as I think instagram is the platform for bloggers these days.  You can help by following me on Instagram.

Facebook: Facebook is a platform that I do tend to neglect and I really do need to work harder on it in the New Year.  I'm currently on 202 followers which I'm pretty happy with despite the fact that I rarely promote it or post on it but I would love to reach 250 on there.  Hopefully in 2016 I will try bit harder on it.  You can help by following me on Facebook.

Youtube: I've only recently just started using Youtube and I've popped up a couple of videos, which hopefully will continue into the New Year.  I'm actually really enjoying creating content for it although I do find it slightly difficult to think of original ideas that haven't been done before.  Youtube is incredibly difficult to crack in my opinion but I'm gonna give it a shot.  I'm currently on 263 which I'm super happy with but 300 is my goal for the end of the year.  Again another adventurous one but worth a shot.  You can help by following me on Youtube.

I'd love to hit these goals before the end of the year and start 2016 with some fresh new ones.
Do you have any blogging goals at all?


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