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Monday, November 30, 2015

3 Favourite Hairstyles

I used to religiously straighten my hair every singe day but then I decided to embrace my natural waviness and ditch the heat which has resulted in my hair growing so much quicker which I'm super happy about! I like to change my hairstyles every now and then as I get quite bored of having it the same all the time.  I've got my favourite hairstyles down to a T now and I like to mix them up throughout the week.  These hairstyles are also perfect for when your hair is getting ready for a wash, I tend to wash my hair twice a week which I know sounds abit gross but it's what works for me.

Half Up Half Down: This is my favourite of the 3, it's super duper easy to do, literally grab a section of hair, tie up as high as you want and you're done, I tend to pull out the front section too so it's not too neat.  I vary between having the pony straight back or having it on the very top of my head, 90's style.

Half Up Bun: This is like the Half Up Half Down but a step further.  After creating your pony, you just twist it around and around before pinning tight, then pull bits out to make the bun bigger or create the shape that you want.  This style never looks the same when I do it which I quite like. 

Fishtail Plait: I've actually done a fishtail plait tutorial previously and I'm still loving this style, super easy when your hair is not playing ball and looks great when you wear it with a hat!

What are your favourite hairstyles?


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