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Sunday, October 25, 2015

VIDEO: What's In My Work Bag?

I feel like I haven't done a what's in my bag post for ages and thought it was about time I updated you all on what I carry round with me day to day for work.  Firstly, my iPhone 6 comes everywhere with me, I'm always checking twitterinstagram or scrolling through my photos.  My purse is from Michael Kors and I picked it up in an outlet retail park, it's the perfect shade of grey to match my Michael Kors bag which I just love.  I don't have a canteen at my new job and I hate going out and spending money on food so I always take my lunches.  This lunchbox* from Internet Gift Store is super super cute, I always see these when I'm wandering around John Lewis and Utility and I'm really made up that I've finally got one.  It's the perfect size for my salads or pasta that I tend to take to work, plus the band around makes sure that nothing leaks (believe me that's happened far too many times to me!) Necessities for work include my work pass, card holder which has my railcard in (not that I travel by train anymore but just in case I need to pop home) and my glasses.  Nurofen is a must for work, just in case you're having a bad, stressful day thats giving you the absolute headache from hell.  Living in a city, I never know what the weather is going to be like so I always carry an umbrella with me just in case the heavens decide to open, this one is from M&S and is the perfect size to just throw in my bag.  The only beauty bits I carry with me to work is a teeny tiny Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume* which is great for a little spritz, a small deodorant to freshen up and a nude lip crayon* from Seventeen.  My commute to work is a 20-30 minute walk so I love listening to my iPod as it doesn't make the journey seem as long.  I always make sure I carry my diary around too cos I always forget things so need to write them down especially my shifts at Topshop, this little cute diary is from Paperchase, they always do the best diaries!

I decided to put together a little youtube video too to show what goes in my bag with me, so I'd love if you have a little watch, gave it a like and subscribe! My youtube is still fairly new but I'm hoping to grow it!

What's in your work bag?


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