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Monday, October 05, 2015

September Share

I love reading blogs and there are so many that inspire me so I thought it would be a good idea to share them every so often.  Heres some posts that I've loved throughout September and a totally unrelated photo of my Starbucks Autumn cup...

- This outfit from Amy over at Salt and Chic is just everything.

-  This post about how Kirsty creates her collages was a great help!

Lydia Rose just looks amazing in this outfit and those photos are just beautiful!

- Megan from Thumbellina Lillie shows us how to get eyebrows on fleek, super helpful and I just love her beauty posts!

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Body was so helpful and really makes you think.

- These postcard photos just made me want to travel to Paris even more.

- I've recently been obsessed with watching Gossip Girl so was the perfect time to find this post about what Gossip Girl has taught us.

-  Seriously how much of a babe is Megs from Wonderful You, I wish I could rock dungarees like her!

- I'm super happy for Megan who's taken the plunge and gone full time blogging, so amazing and very well deserved!

- This post about being a blogger is oh so relatable.

Link me up to your favourite posts from September?


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