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Friday, October 23, 2015

25 Things To Do This Weekend

Weekends are the perfect time for a chill and a relax.  Unfortunately I work every other weekend so I really relish my weekend off work, so in light of that I've compiled a list of my favourite things to do on my time off. 

1. Work on your blog.
2. Go for a walk.
3. Organise your wardrobe.
4. Go grab a coffee with a friend.
5. Have a Netflix binge.
6. Try out some new makeup looks.
7. Go shopping.
8. Read a book.
9. Bake some cakes.
10. Paint your nails.
11. Film a youtube video.
12. Go to an exercise class.
13. Catch up on your favourite reads.
14. Go to the cinema.
15. Take a day trip.
16. Play a board game.
17. Take photographs.
18. Shop online.
19. Have a Harry Potter marathon.
20. Pamper yourself.
21. Wash your makeup brushes.
22. Re-organise your pinterest board.
23. Do your washing (boring but needs to be done!)
24. Make a smoothie.
25. Prepare yourself for Monday.

What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?


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