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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Why You Should Be Proud Of Your Blog

When you think about it, blogging is pretty awesome.  Our hobby/career is writing about what we love whether that be beauty, fashion or our general day to day life and not only that, we are part of this amazing community.  I never realised how big a community blogging was until I started to get more in to it. I love nothing more of chatting with like-minded people about something so simple as a lipstick or what colour I should paint my nails.  Internet friends are quite real and then when I meet said 'internet friends' it's like I've known them my entire life.  It's never awkward with them, just normal.  No matter what we blog about, we all share this common interest and hobby which is pretty cool. 

I recently got told by someone that they had purchased a specific item for their daughter because they had read about it on my blog.  Now I'm not a big blogger by any means but that felt pretty amazing.  Someone buying an item that I had personally recommended is just insane and it made me feel really good about myself.  It also made me realise how brilliant blogging is and no matter how big or small your blog is, you should be proud of the content that you create as it can inspire someone or influence them to buy a particular product or try a different fashion style.  Now I know that's what the "big bloggers" get paid for but to think that a little blog like me has such a impact on someone, well I can't even describe it.  I must be doing something right huh?

So that got me onto thinking, it got me thinking that I along with anyone else who blogs should be incredibly proud of ourselves.  It's pretty amazing what we do.  I never thought that blogging would make me so happy.  Yes I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and I take photos of every outfit from all angles and can't start eating before taking a photo of it but I enjoy it.  I wouldn't do it if I didn't.  Blogging has literally taken over my life and I don't see that as a bad thing.  I don't or should I re-phrase that to, I can't go a day without reading blogs or writing a post myself.  Everything I do, see and wear now I always think about how it can be made into a blog post.

When I was travelling Australia, blogging took a back seat and although it didn't bother me for a while, a few months along the way it did.  I missed sharing my outfits and updating my little space of the internet.  When I started back up again properly last year I realised how much I'd missed it and went straight back into blogging with full force.  Since then I've seen my little blog grow and grow and I'm incredibly proud of what it has become.  I recently posted about blogger envy and although I do get that from time to time, I'm still pretty happy with where my blog is at the moment.  I work two jobs, attend bootcamp classes 3/4 times a week and somehow still manage to consistently post on this blog 3 times a week.  That makes me proud, proud of myself that I can keep it going despite my busy lifestyle.  Blogging is hard work, we are photographers, writers, editors, the whole lot, many people don't realise how much work it actually takes.  But we do it because we love it.  No matter how big or small your blog is, you should be pretty proud of what you are doing, cos it's pretty amazing.


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