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Monday, August 31, 2015

THOUGHTS: Currently #2

Watching: Gossip Girl.  I've recently started watching it again from season 1 as I've never seen all the seasons all the way through and thought it was about time I finished it! I'm on season 4 at the moment and I am fully obsessed with it, I literally cannot stop watching it.

Excited for: #bloggersfestival! I'm attending the event on Saturday and I AM SO EXCITED! I love blog events and this will be my first event in London which makes it even more exciting.  I'm so happy that I'll finally be meeting some of the lovely bloggers whose blogs I love and who I chat to on twitter.  If you're going please let me know cos I'd love to meet you!

Wearing: My Topshop tan fringe shoes, which I don't think I've featured on the blog before yet (going to change soon!) but I'm always wearing them in my instagram - @hellotashablog.  They are just the perfect height heel and with the fringing they just look so sassy and I love wearing them. 

Listening to: Bring Me The Horizon - Drown.  I love really heavy music and when I was younger I went to gigs nearly every week.  I've never been a massive of Bring Me The Horizon though until I heard this song, I listen to it on repeat and have done for a couple of months soon.  I don't see the obsession ending any time soon. 

Need: Olympus Pen E-PL7 Camera, yes I know a total blogger cliche but it really is a beaut camera.  I love my DSLR but when I'm out and about I'd love something more compact to use, my phone is great but sometimes the photos just don't compare.  I'm just waiting till I can treat myself to this.  

Drinking: I recently started a new job and one of the perks is that they provide free tea, coffee and milk in the office.  My new workmates drink tea continuously throughout the day and I've taken up the same habit.  I've never been a massive tea drinker but that's all changed now.

Dreaming of: Australia, I'm always dreaming of there.  I really loved my time spent over there and would literally do anything to be back there.  It's just a shame that real life gets in the way. 

Exercising: I recently had abit of a lull in my exercise routine but over the past month or so I've really gotten back into it and I've really started to enjoy exercising again.  I attend bootcamp sessions 2-3 times a week and then a cardio exercise class too, the cardio class is my favourite.  It's great to stay in shape and just to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

What are you currently....?


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