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Friday, August 07, 2015

17 Summer Blog Post Ideas

Summer is supposed to be here however as I sit here writing this it is pouring down with rain, what a British Summer.  But let's all just sit and imagine that we are having the most amazing weather or that we live in Australia (one can dream!).  I thought I'd pop a list up of some summer themed blog post ideas for you, I really enjoy reading these as they really do inspire me for what posts to write so I hope they inspire you too!

1.  Summer Beauty Essentials: What beauty bits can you not live without in Summer? A foundation, a perfume, a lipstick....? (see mine here)
2.  What's In My Bag? Airport Edition: What do you take with you in your carry on luggage?
3.  Favourite Fake Tans: Not going on holiday? Then fake it! (see mine here)
4.  Summer Nail Colours: What's your favourite Summer nail colours? (Mine is white, coral or mint!)
5.  Travelling Tips: A nervous flyer? Been backpacking? Tell us your tips! (see mine here)
6.  A Summer FOTD: What makeup do you use in Summer?
7.  Favourite Bikinis: What bikinis are you taking on your holiday? Show us! (see mine here)
8.  Packing Tips: Packing is hard so give us your best tips! (see mine here)
9.  Your Favourite Summer Memories: Take a trip down memory lane and tell us about your favourite Summer memories.
10. Summer Smoothie Recipes: Love making smoothies? Share your recipes.
11. What To Wear To An Airport: Airport style is stylish/comfortable, show us what you like to wear to travel in.
12. What To Pack For A Festival: Heading to a festival, share your packing list.
13. Summer Style Inspiration: What or whose style inspires you over the Summer period?
14. Your Travel Bucket List: Where are your top destinations you want to visit?
15. Festival Tips: Been to a festival before? Give us your best tips eg. what to pack, things not to forget, what to wear etc.
16. Your Favourite Things About Summer: List your favourite things about Summer, is it BBQ's, the beach or swimming in the ocean?
17. Summer Fashion Essentials: What are your Summer fashion essentials? A fedora, sliders...?

Hope this list gives you some inspiration!


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