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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5 Reasons Why I'm A "Rubbish" Beauty Blogger

Even though I do post about beauty on here, I wouldn't class myself as a 'beauty blogger'.  That being said I do love beauty and am always scouring the aisles of Boots for my latest purchase but there are certain aspects of beauty that I'm no good at and quite frankly, pretty awful at!

Peeling off my nail varnishI love peeling off my nail varnish, it's a full on guilty pleasure! Don't get me wrong, I love painting my nails and change the colour every week but as soon as they start to chip then I love just peeling them off spesh when they peel off all in one go!

Contouring: Now I'm not blessed with chiselled cheekbones and so contouring is abit of a must for me.  But as much as I try and try to give contouring a go, I really can't get the gist of it, I just end up with muddy looking cheeks.

Not switching up my makeup: As soon as I find a makeup look that works then that's it, that's my makeup look for the foreseeable future.  I'm terrible at switching up my makeup and branching out to other looks and even if I do branch out a little bit, I always end up coming back to the same pink shimmer eyes, eyeliner and pink lips look.

Not washing my brushes often enough: I'm so guilty of this! I have improved and do wash them every couple of weeks but it's defo not as often as I should.  And I'm gonna be honest I don't think I wash them as well as I should either, yeah such a bad beauty blogger.

Not having a proper skin care regime: Yeah I'm the worst at skincare, I know I should do it and I know it's good for me but I still don't do it.  Don't get me wrong I remove my makeup, tone, cleanse and moisturise and I don't use face wipes but within the beauty blogging world I still don't think that thats enough as everyone always seems to have these elaborate skincare regimes.

Why are you a "rubbish" beauty blogger?


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