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Monday, June 29, 2015

GUEST POST: Copper Pink's 5 Summer Beauty Essentials

Hey guys! As I'm on my holidays I thought I'd grab a couple of my fellow bloggers to help me out with some posts!  Heres the lovely Mairi from Copper Pink...

Summer is probably my favourite season but with sunscreen and sweat from the heat, beauty and makeup can present a bit of a challenge. Whether you're jetting abroad or not, these 5 summer beauty essentials are sure to put you in the summer mood!

1. A good pair of eyebrows: After slathering on the sunscreen before heading to the beach, it really is quite pointless to apply a full face of makeup. Especially as you'll no doubt be reapplying every 2 hours and all that hard work contouring etc. will have been for nothing! However, the eyebrow area can be avoided by sunscreen so use this amazing opportunity to create a good pair of brows that will frame your face all day long.  Eyebrows have become a pretty important part of my life - my top pick is Topshop Brow Kit (£12).

2. Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast Lipbalm: This is my summer lipbalm. If you know me, you'll appreciate my expertise in the area of lipbalm as I hoard a surprisingly large amount. Blistex is one of my favourite brands and this item in particular is one of the best tasting lip products I have tried, if not the best. It transports you to warm weather, sandy beaches, cocktails by the harbour, Spanish waiters- oh and it also keeps your lips soft etc... 

3. Barry M Papaya Nail Polish: I often find it hard to select just one nail colour for seasons, however Barry M Papaya is definitely my favourite for summer 2015. This is highly due to the fact it matches a pair of shorts I have exactly. But it's also just the perfect bright summer shade with lovely tropical orange undertones and a gorgeous shine. 

4. Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume: This perfume was top of my Christmas list but I was determined to not use it at least until spring. I love when your mind associates scents with events and other senses and I knew Honey by Marc Jacobs would be the best scent for spring and summer. I am so happy with this scent. It is pretty sweet thanks to the honey (I LOVE honey) with dainty floral tones - but don't worry you won't be smelling like your granny.

5. NOT waterproof mascara: I once wore waterproof mascara on a beach holiday and every day without fail I would have black eyes after swimming. Not the best look. This year I decided to take action and looked into getting my eyelashes tinted. A friend recommended a salon, however I ended up having mine tinted by a friend's sister who self-taught herself with a kit from Amazon. I'm really happy with how they turned out and the colour is meant to last for a month! 

 Take that, summer.

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